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How To Do A Juice Fast For Weight Loss

While fasting has long been practiced to cleanse the mind and body of unwanted toxins it is now also used to achieve weight loss. A healthier alternative to a traditional quickly which allowed only water to be consumed a diet consisting solely of juice. The juice is believed to be a good source of vitamins and antioxidants. The addition of juice can help support some of your body's needs while refraining from food

You need:. .

Organic fruit and vegetables.

Start a juice fast during the summer or spring when fruit and vegetables are readily available.

Eliminate sugar alcohol dairy products nicotine caffeine wheat animal meat fish and eggs from your diet approximately 7 days before Lent.

Practice a fasting preparation diet consisting of organic fruits vegetables and beans for seven days until the juice fast.

Consume between 32 and 64 oz. of juice each day while fasting. Websites like Health Recipes can help you come up with unique ways to vary juice diet (see Resources below).

Drink plenty of water during Lent. It is important to consume at least six glasses of water at room temperature.

Break juice fast gradually by adding solid foods into your diet. It is important to start with a few pieces of fruit on the first day and slowly work your way back to a balanced diet. Do not continue to add carbohydrates if you notice that your weight loss is declining or if you realize that it has stopped completely.

Tips and Warnings

Upload green vegetables and sprouts when choosing juice ingredients. They contain chlorophyll which juice proponents believe are especially beneficial during a juice fast.
Check with your doctor before beginning a fast to weight loss. He can make sure that you do not have a medical condition that would prevent positive results from a rapidly.

Do not fast if you are pregnant or nursing. Fasting can also be dangerous for children.
Fasting can change the way prescription drugs react in the body.

Fasting will cleanse the body of toxins which are mostly found in fat. Detoxification will force toxins in the blood for the body to eliminate. This elimination may occur through lungs and eventually by breathing out toxins. This may also occur through skin. This can lead to bad breath and body odor. This temporary side-effect of solid process.
Other side effects may include headache fatigue diarrhea dizziness low blood pressure kidney problems heart arrhythmias constipation hypoglycemia and acne. c0tBTXVli5

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