Monday, February 13, 2017

I will believe that my letter has come to you!!!!

Hello, I hope now my letter does not distract you, and you will read it up to the end.
If you not against that I like will make friends with you.
Now I write the letter and it is very difficult to me to collect the thoughts.
Today for the first time when I begin to write the man of the first, to me it is difficult but I will try to write the beautiful letter
Many my friends say that because of my modesty it is very difficult to me to communicate with men.
And therefore I have decided to try to begin communication with the man on the Internet.
I think that on the Internet I will be able to show you my real condition and very much hope that we will find a common language with you.
Now I have in soul pleasant feelings.
I am glad that the destiny has given an opportunity of communication with you.
I understand that I write the stranger, but I think that everything will be good and you will respond me to this letter.
I will look forward to your answer, I can't still believe that I am ready for it for the sake of love and happiness.


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